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Darwin Technology: ifD also stands for adaptability.

In the ifD system, efficiency and pressure drop are functions of several variables, including field strength, air speed, flute diameter, filter depth, and particle charge. Adjusting variables allows adaptability to a wide range of practical requirements.

Working the equation with ifD: three examples


Design Parameters: Deliver HEPA or better efficiency in ducted system with low pressure drop and moderate space availability.

Applications: residential ducted HVAC; medical or scientific facilities; clean rooms; gas turbine inlet filtration; aircraft cabins.

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Design Parameters: Provide superior efficiency at moderate pressure drop within limited space.

Applications: cabin air systems for automobiles, trucks, and heavy equipment; heat exchangers; portable air purifiers; highwall (mini-split) air conditioners; humidifiers and dehumidifiers; air washers.

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Design Parameters: Provide good to high efficiency in ducted system where substantial energy saving is a top priority and moderate to ample space availability exists.

Applications: Office campuses, office buildings, shopping malls, retail stores, schools, hospitals.

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