Darwin Technology International LTD Early adopters of ifD technology Leading the Industry in Advanced Air Purification

Above: Charged particles enter the filter via propelled air. High-strength electrical fields attract the particles, which adhere to the surfaces of the filter’s hollow flutes. Purified air exits the filter.


Darwin Technology: ifD stands for intense field dielectric.

“Intense field dielectric” describes the mechanism by which the ifD filter is able to remove even the tiniest particles without the use of a high-pressure-drop fiber matrix. Airborne particles are first given an electrical charge, then passed into a honeycomb of hollow polymer flutes, 2-4 mm in diameter. Encased between rows of flutes are thin electrode sheets, which generate intense electrical fields. (The polymer flute material is dielectric, which prevents current flowing between electrodes but does not inhibit creation of an intense field within the flutes.) Charged particles are pulled to the walls of the flutes, where they stick.